A Magical Sunday at the Tulsa Botanic Garden

My daughter and I enjoyed a beautiful walk through the Tulsa Botanic Garden this weekend. Clouds were forming in the sky when we set out, and the weirdest thing happened on the way there. When we got to the road that leads to the gardens, we saw several tarantulas crossing the street. We slowed down to watch each one, careful not to run over any. We were amazed, but it was also a little creepy for me and once we got to the gardens I made sure to inspect my surroundings everywhere we went – now that I knew we were near tarantula town! But I didn’t see any tarantulas in the gardens, only a magical wonderland of lush plants. It sprinkled a little while we were there, and then stopped. When we were leaving, all of the tarantulas were gone from the road and we decided that they were just trying to get somewhere before it started raining. As my daughter said, “they had somewhere to be.”

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