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    Claremore’s Belvidere Mansion

    Today my friend and I took an outing to Claremore, Oklahoma to do some thrifting and have lunch at the Pink House in the Belvidere Mansion. The Mansion was built in 1907 by John Melville Bayless for his family. It later became apartments, then fell into disrepair, and was eventually deserted. But thanks to the Rogers County Historical Society (RCHS), it was restored and today visitors can dine in the first floor of the mansion in the Pink House, and explore the second and third floors. It was a full house today, and as you can see below, the first floor is adorned with intricate tiling, with touches of pink…

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    Gracias, Mexico City

    Last week I had the honor and pleasure of visiting Mexico City with a friend of mine. For the month ahead of the trip, we brushed up on our Spanish skills on Duolingo to prepare for the trip. I had taken three years of Spanish in high school but that was many eons ago. Some of it came back quickly, and some of it was a cloudy memory. Starting to get a little concerned about two weeks before the trip, I searched the percentage of people that speak English in Mexico City and the consensus was around 5-10%. After reading this, I hit the lessons a little harder every day,…

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    Tulsa’s Osher House

    Today my friends and I toured the most beautiful home, Tulsa’s Osher House. Built in 1963, the Osher House was designed by Bruce Goff’s student Blaine Imel and is also known as “The Flintstones House.” The unique circular design shines with aqua glass. Here are some highlights from the tour.

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    June Home Tours

    Yesterday my friends and I had a lovely day of touring homes and we got both a lot of sun and a lot of steps ☀️ First we toured the neighborhood where my friends live, Tulsa’s historic Lortondale mid-century modern homes. Here are some highlights: Also, one house in the neighborhood had a beautiful wildflower yard! 😍 Next, we toured the Adah Robinson home, designed by artist and teacher Adah Robinson with the aid of her student Bruce Goff as well as assistance from Joseph Koberling. The Art Deco house features leaded glass windows, hollow tile, stucco, and terrazzo floors. The unique layout welcomes visitors with a stunning two-story living…