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    Gracias, Mexico City

    Last week I had the honor and pleasure of visiting Mexico City with a friend of mine. For the month ahead of the trip, we brushed up on our Spanish skills on Duolingo to prepare for the trip. I had taken three years of Spanish in high school but that was many eons ago. Some of it came back quickly, and some of it was a cloudy memory. Starting to get a little concerned about two weeks before the trip, I searched the percentage of people that speak English in Mexico City and the consensus was around 5-10%. After reading this, I hit the lessons a little harder every day,…

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    A Proper Start to the New Year

    After a wonderful New Year’s Eve visiting with my favorite person in the world, my daughter, I had a rejuvenating New Year’s day in communion with myself and with nature. This included getting re-acquainted with exercise, exploring the parks and walking paths of my new town, and making some good food to start the year off right. After a leisurely morning sleeping in until 8:30, I dawdled a bit and had my coffee, and then I was ready for exercise. No, I am not a person who can roll out of bed and go straight into a workout. I need some waking time first, so if I am to do…