April Gardening Pics

Yesterday I enjoyed spending some gardening time in our perfect spring weather, I planted some Heuchera “Electric Plum” Coral Bells, which I thought were stunning, and Wax Begonia flowers as well as some flowering vine and vegetable seeds in my shade garden. And I adorned my potted wildflower garden with adorable ornaments that my sister gave me for Easter.

Not pictured, but I also planted some blackberry and raspberry plants in the shady spot to see if they will grow. In my new apartment, my choices are between a shady plot of dirt or potted balcony plants. These limits are actually keeping me from getting overwhelmed in the garden while also exposing me to the world of shade plants and giving me potted planting ideas.

The shady spot gets a little sun, so we’ll see! For me, sometimes the best way to garden is to just plant with what you’ve got and see what happens.

Happy April!


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